Brands in the COVID-19 world

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Brands in the COVID-19 world

In a special report, Daymark wanted to analyse how brands have responded to the new world so we looked at a selection of newspaper advertisements in certain papers in the Melbourne market (The Australian, The AFR, The Age, Herald Sun).

In looking at the advertisements we have reflected that in a public health crisis people look to governments for reassurance, timely information and equality of access to care and treatment. From brands, we expect they will show: 1. How they are contributing to the greater good; 2. How they are reflecting their core values; and 3. That they are focusing on substance and sticking to what they are good at.

Our report looks in detail at over 100 advertisements from more than 60 advertisers and examines their use of infographics, slogans, COVID-19 specific messaging, collaboration between rivals, the balance between the volume of ads and authority and, indeed, how some brands have not changed their approach at all.

We conclude with some advice to brands as they negotiate this pandemic in terms of customer research, their competitors, and how to plan a recovery if a company has damaged its reputation in recent months.

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