Daymark to launch AI Reputation Management Tool

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Daymark to launch AI Reputation Management Tool

Daymark is pleased to announce it is launching a new reputation management tool, Foresight AI.

With a proof-of-concept stage complete, the company is looking to commence its first market pilot, with a commercial release planned for later in the year.

Foresight’s core solution is the detection of reputation damaging risks and events through the use of big data analytics and machine learning. The AI technology analyses email data with direct identifiers removed, using purpose-built algorithms to isolate patterns and issues. This allows Foresight reputation experts to identify and report red flags, providing organisations with the ability to make informed decisions and respond to issues early. 

Foresight is founded on expert understanding of the contexts and settings in which reputation issues can arise:

  • Issues that impact reputation primarily originate from within an organisation that is missing the warning signs. 
  • There is typically a breakdown in business processes impacting customers, employees or stakeholders.
  • There may be a failure to pay due recognition to small but recurring system failures.
  • Or there may be a failure to distinguish that voice within the organisation from the daily noise of problems.
  • Only sometimes is it about poor behaviour of people - mostly it is about sleeper issues such as process breakdowns that one day, inevitably, reach a tipping point.


Examples of where Foresight AI will suit your organisation:

  • An issues scan – to see to see what your sleeper issues may be right now. 
  • If you have had a change in strategy and are unsure of reputation consequences that are on the horizon.
  • If you have suffered a reputation damaging event, Foresight AI can look for tell-tale signs in the months leading up to it, and after, if resolution has been achieved.
  • If you have made an acquisition or merger and wish to see how change was managed and any reputation issues which may have arisen.
  • An audit or due diligence in any acquisition or merger.
  • A sense check – are you managing specific issues or parts of your organization well, for example ESG, diversity, employee engagement, customer complaints.

For further information or to request a demonstration visit or contact Richard Peters on or John Fergusson on


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