Demand for Crisis Management in 2018

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Demand for Crisis Management in 2018

Every other day we hear about a new company in the midst of a crisis caused by a natural disaster, poor corporate culture, terrible customer service, media fascination or regulator action. At the same time, we know that trust in companies and many other institutions is at an all-time low.

Perhaps this explains why we have been busy undertaking crisis management reviews and writing plans for many clients across a range of sectors including the transport, manufacturing, community services, financial services, education and property.

In undertaking reviews and preparing crisis plans, we seek to:

• ensure the leaders in the business understand when an issue or an incident becomes a crisis and respond appropriately;

• ensure the business returns from a state of crisis to normality as soon as possible;

• give staff and external stakeholders confidence that the business is well placed to manage a crisis;

• ensure health, environmental, government and regulatory agencies are kept informed as needed;

• define a pre-appointed team, trained and familiar with the crisis plan;

• give practical guidance and a proven process to the crisis managers; and ultimately

• ensure the reputation of the business is maintained.

And all of this is in less than 10 pages; any longer and the plan will never be used!

If you want an independent assessment of your preparedness to deal with a crisis, contact Mark Paterson, Director, at


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