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product Foresight


Know Your Reputation Risks

Foresight offers the first ever on-line interactive and comprehensive picture of an organisation’s reputation risk across all and any parts of the business.  It assesses over 450 reputation damaging scenario’s and builds a picture of the capability of your organisation to meet what the community expects when it comes to your actions. The result is an interactive journey across your reputation with clear insights on where you need to act or not.

product Watch


A New Level Of Community Engagement

Daymark’s ‘Watch’ takes a close look at the drivers of your business or your organisational issue and examines key messages, trends and concerns for your sector. Watch can identify emerging themes, reputational challenges and competitor coverage on a monthly or quarterly basis providing you with an in-depth analysis report.

product Guardian


Issues Management To Protect Your Brand

Guardian puts you in control of any issue that may damage your business’ reputation. Irrespective of the type or size of your organisation the process is embedded to become a standard practice in your business. It also features training and testing scenarios to ensure that individual accountabilities are well understood.

product Amplify


Media Skills and Engagement Training

Amplify training is a combination of theory and practical activities to equip individuals or teams with the skills and knowledge to proactively engage the media in the digital era, manage the message, and approach interviews and public speaking engagements with confidence. 

product Policy Platform

Policy Platform

Insights For Government Engagement

Policy Platform is both a targeted register that defines the policy issues you are concerned about, but also an action plan to tackle specific policy issues and track their progress. We work with you to understand the issue, assess its status and detail the recommended approach. 

product Reputation Steward

Reputation Steward

Strengthening Internal Capacity

Five stage process, to assess, build and enhance your team. 1. Review and assess your current team; 2. Compare your team and its outputs to the market leaders and competitors; 3. Prepare action plan with budget and timelines; 4. Brief senior management/board on review, implications and plan; and 5. Follow up to see the action plan is in place and working.