Daymark Services

Every reputation challenge is different. We build tailored solutions to build, protect, manage or restore your reputation with any audience.

When we get asked what we do, we talk the 2 ‘C’s and the 2 ‘I’s. Capability - We have the capability and experience to undertake tasks you are not familiar with. Capacity - We will undertake a task that you could do but don’t have the time or staffing resources. Ideas - We will devise new ideas to tackle old problems and provide insights to enable you to make better decisions. Independence - We will tell you how it is, unvarnished and frankly.

Build Reputation With New Audiences

We develop actionable communication and engagement strategies to lift your reputation across any stakeholder group.

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Customer research
  • Media management
  • Collateral development
  • Government relations
  • Corporate responsibility strategies
  • Specialist stakeholder group engagement
  • Thought leadership programs

Manage Reputation Day To Day

Your reputation needs constant attention at both a strategic and tactical level. Our experience in the corporate sector means our advice will seamlessly integrate with your plans.

  • Reputation risk identification
  • Media engagement and training
  • Communications programs and content
  • Corporate affairs team review
  • Social media strategy and content

Protect Reputation Against Unforeseen Events

Is the reputation of your organisation at risk? We can advise on the critical actions to protect your reputation with internal and external audiences.

  • Issues identification and management
  • Community engagement
  • Stakeholder surveys
  • Internal communications review
  • External communications review
  • Campaign development

Restore Damaged Reputation

How you manage a reputation-damaging event and move to restore or revitalise an injured brand requires the proven, lived experience that is at the heart of the Daymark team.

  • Crisis management and communications
  • Crisis plan reviews and scenario testing
  • Recovery strategy planning
  • Post crisis reviews
  • Reputation risk management