Indications Your Organisation Has Become Socially Awkward

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Indications Your Organisation Has Become Socially Awkward

Over the last decade, we have seen organisations scrambling to get set up on social media and racing to use each new function and platform.

When social media first emerged, the idea of a new low-cost and direct communication channel with stakeholders seemed a no-brainer. For many organisations, the marketing and engagement possibilities were too great to warrant much time spent considering the business case for or against. Multiple accounts were set up for every department, agency and business area. Teams were hired for the labour-intensive process of managing them and generating a constant stream of content. For some, this action preceded any thought about aligning the strategy with business objectives or reporting practices. So here we are, years in for some and months in for others. The question is, what impact is your social media presence having on your organisation’s reputation today? Do you appear to be in-tune with your audience or are your social efforts alienating you?

Here are 12 indications your social media account/s are working against you, not for you:

1. Your content is generally met with a more negative than positive reaction.

2. Protest or parody accounts are more popular than your official account.

3. Engagement has stalled.

4. Commentary on your account does not relate to the content posted.

5. All review and commentary functions have been turned off.

6. You are not responding or interacting with people straight away.

7. You don’t know what to post, you don’t have any new or original content, or your live account is sitting dormant.

8. Your fan base is not representative of your target audience.

9. You are not reaching your target audience.

10. You don’t know how to use the promoted content functions.

11. You do not conduct ongoing analysis on the performance of your posts or use these insights to make regular content optimisations.

12. You are not effectively tracking or measuring the impact of your social media presence on the business.

If one or more of these sound familiar, it is probably time to review your social media strategy and ensure it is still aligned to your business objectives. As you know, social media is a means, not an end. If not managed carefully, it could be a means to an undesirable end.

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