There’s a lot that’s new for your reputation

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There’s a lot that’s new for your reputation

It has been a year like few others. But what has changed with reputation management?

Recently the Daymark team took stock and asked a few of our key stakeholders what they were seeing out there when it comes to reputation management.

We’ve added to these insights to compile a list of 10 trends facing organisational reputation and the tactical and strategic opportunities.

Here is what we are seeing:

  1. Greater clarity between brand and reputation 
  2. Lack of control over your operating environment 
  3. Old narratives revealing a disconnect
  4. Just because it is legal doesn’t mean it is without risk
  5. A renewed appetite for sovereign capability
  6. Community diversity is only heading in one direction
  7. Stakeholders are the avenue to information and influence
  8. Listening to the experts and examine the evidence
  9. There are no more enemies
  10. Proactive (still) trumps reactive

Not everything has changed but much has, and there is plenty of scope for those who are keen to build their prospects for a better reputation.


Published: 19/04/2021 Author: Tags: Back to News